Saturday, October 3, 2015

CHAPTER 13- Meeting with Anand Sharma-Gayatri mantra

After meeting Subbaya Sreshti, Shankar Bhat continued his journey to Kurvapuram. On his way he was met by Sri Anand Sharma. He narrated the blessings by Maharshi Kanva at a very young age his experiencesin Narasimha caves and with Sripada Srivallabh. Sripada blessed him to be born as Venkayya Avadoota in his future birth.

He also gave vivid description of how Venkatapyya Sreshti was saved by Sripada srivallabha from death against astrological predictions made.

Listen to the story ( duration:  ~45 min)

( By clicking the link the player opens in a separate window)

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